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NomNom Combo

NomNom Combo is an addictive puzzle game where you can NOM NOM your way to massive combos and coin rewards!

Combine 3 critters to create a larger one. Feed the critters to predators to win NomNom coins, or discover a new critter to win bonus moves and extend your game. Everyone can feed a bug to a frog or a sheep to a wolf, but can you feed a manatee to a gator? Or unlock what eats the legendary unicorn? Catch NomNom fever today and see how many critters you can discover!

★ Set up chain reactions and combos for massive points and coins!
★ Use your coins in game to buy power ups and set up even bigger combos!
★ Earn Achievements and rank on Game Center Leaderboard

Game Requires:
★ iPhone 3GS+
★ iPod 4G+
★ iPad

Featured on Inside Mobile Apps – NomNom Combo proves that it’s possible to take an existing, established game concept and evolve it to produce a unique experience without having to resort to outright cloning. It’s a simple, fun and addictive game that is likely to enjoy some success with the puzzle-loving portion of the iOS market. Read the rest of the article HERE!

Featured on Pocket Next – At first glance, NomNom Combo looks like a pretty standard puzzle game. What separates it from many of its colleagues is is the interactivity amongst the creatures you place on the playing field … Charles Darwin would be proud. I think. Read the rest of the article HERE!

Pocket Next Review – NomNom Combo is Bailey’s argument for “rip offs” – an admitted clone of Triple Town that’s out to prove that copying can produce good content, with the right tweaks. After our exclusive reveal of the game’s worldwide release, I went hands-on to test Bailey’s theory. And damn it if I didn’t have fun. Read the rest of the article HERE!

148Apps Review – NomNom Combo is certainly a unique matching puzzle game. It’s both fun to play and challenging to master. The balance between matching and strategy makes the game a great choice for players looking for a challenge. Read the rest of the article HERE!

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